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Read patient success stories about their spine surgery with Pacific Spine Specialists in the Portland, OR area.

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“When we first [met], you told me all about the pro’s and con’s of my proposed back surgery, and I told you I wanted 3 things: 1. I wanted to continue to backpack 2. Carry 30lbs, i.e. my backpack and 3. To still be able to snow ski. You assured me that I would be able to continue to do those things following my surgery.

[…]During the summer of 2015, I started having pain down my legs and was diagnosed as having stenosis, a degenerated disc, and numerous other back and spine issues, which you ended up correcting for me.

A little over a year following my back surgery, I once again decided to complete my hike. […] During this portion of the hike I completed an additional 135 miles, had a total elevation gain of 27,936’ and elevation loss of 20,270’.

All in all, I couldn’t have done it without you and your skill as a surgeon. Thank you, I’ll be eternally grateful for you and your technical skills.”

Gregg on September 6, 2016


“Dr. Keenen was the right choice for me. Being under 40, spine surgery scared me. I saw 3 different surgeons and Dr. Keenen was the only one who made me feel safe, knowledgeable and ready for such a big event. He took time to explain everything to me, answered every question I had and let me know that the choice I had finally come to was going to be life-changing, for the better. I had a disc replacement and fusion on L4/L5 and S1/L5. My legs were going numb, I couldn’t sit for longer than 20 minutes and no amount of Physical Therapy or injections was helping, this was my last resort. Dr. Keenen told me EXACTLY what would happen, how surgery would go, what to expect post surgery and how future life would be impacted. Everything went exactly as Dr. Keenen had discussed. I am now 4 months post surgery, have been on 5 mile hikes, play volleyball with my daughter, getting ready to water ski and will be snow skiing in 4 more months. I have my life back, I have my family back and I have never been more happy with a medical decision. Dr. Keenen gave me my life back.”

Dawn Thies on April 11th, 2016


“I had two bulging disks in my lower back that caused nerve loss and 50% muscle loss to my right leg. Dr. Keenan and I agreed on the urgency for surgery, which was performed within one week. The surgery was successful and my physical therapy is producing excellent results. This surgery has been literally life-altering.”

Robert Struznik on March 23rd, 2016


“Dr. Keenen was an absolute God send! He gave a much more accurate diagnosis than another doctor I consulted. He changed his schedule to provide an emergency surgery for me. I would have been paralyzed for life without having this emergency surgery. The follow up visits were great as well. I felt very well taken care of and well informed about how to recover after the surgery, so that I knew my limitations and was confident about not injuring myself. Dr. Keenen is a man of great integrity. I knew that he would only recommend what was necessary and that he was highly skilled and able to do the surgery well. I was referred to him by a couple who work closely with him in operating room settings. They told me that he is the best orthopedic surgeon in the Portland area. I have heard nothing but praise about him from several other former patients as well.”

Marcy on March 1st, 2016


I got three different opinions before my spinal fusion surgery. I chose to “interview” Dr. Keenen based on the comments and recommendations from my physical therapists. That’s right, multiple therapists over the course of three years mentioned I should get a consultation with Dr. Keenen. I finally did, and am so happy I did. I was terrified of surgery and cried EVERY time a doc told me the same outcome. Of the four doctors (my general practitioner, a spine specialist in Eugene, one in Salem, and Dr. Keenen) he was the kindest, most patient, GENUINELY understanding and supportive. He encouraged me to get multiple opinions, was objective and very clear. His office staff run like a well oiled machine and the experience at Legacy was similar. While Legacy’s actual hospital rooms left a lot to be desired, I would still have made the same choice as from beginning to end, the care was complete, comprehensive, and compassionate. I am a middle aged mother of two young children. Spinal surgery is a big deal and I appreciated that while this is their every day, they treated me like it was the big deal it was to me.”

Shawn S. on February 12th, 2016


I had suffered from debilitating pain causes by severe stenosis L4/L5 for svrl yrs. As a very active person—running, working out, trekking with a backpack, long walks–I could not stand the inability to do these chosen activities as well as not being able to stand or even walk more than 5 mins or feel comfortable around my home. A spinal diagnostician said there was likely no remedy other than surgery and recommended Dr. Keenen as the best. I got an quick apptmt, an undated MRI, and a clear explanation of the problem illustrated on a wall tv using the MRI. Dr. Keenen’s approach is very low key and reassuring. He took the time to answer my many questions concerning options and outcomes. Surgery (May 18, 2015) was scheduled quickly and resulted in immediate relief, loss of pain, freedom of movement, and resumption of my chosen activities as well as daily living. Healing was rapid, I was walking distances within a week. I have now resumed all my activities. I am now working out, running, walking, and will be backpacking shortly. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend Dr. Keenen to those considering surgery.”


Roger on September 3rd, 2015


“I was in back pain for 15-years. Dr. Keenen , preformed a lumbar fusion on L4/L5. This was my 2nd surgery on my back and I was very concerned if a second surgery would help. After evaluating my RMI, Dr. Keenen, called me ( That was a new experience. Having the Dr. call me), and I was able to have a Q & A about my condition, and concerns. For me and open conversation was just what I needed! 1-year after surgery, I have never felt better. Any one contemplating lumbar surgery that would like would like to hear more about my experience please feel free to contact me. This has changed my life…”

David Voeller on August 31st, 2015