shutterstock_19763203Targeted Physical Therapy Prior to Surgery

An essential part of recovery from a spinal condition or injury is the physical condition of the spine muscles, and the supporting abdomen and thighs. The rehabilitation of weak deconditioned muscles is best to start before the surgery: PREHABILITATION, so that you know what to do after the surgery. After the surgery, the initial surgical pain and medications may limit your ability to focus on the conditioning you need to fully recover. If you learn the exercise and stretching program beforehand, then you know how to get going without learning something new. You just get going and get working at your recovery. As a patient, your active involvement in this process is as important as having the right surgery done well with a minimally invasive approach (that spares the strong supporting muscles of your spine).

At Pacific Spine Specialists, we will focus on the best prehabilitation program available to you to maximize your recovery.