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From the very first visit with Dr. Keenen over my injured back to being released by him after having back surgery by him, Dr. Keenen and his whole staff were top notch. I can’t say enough how Dr. Keenen took the all the time needed to explain to me what the options were and the about the procedure he preformed. The results from the back surgery have made a fantastic difference in the quality of my life. Very seldom in my experience with physicians have I been fortunate to have one like Dr. Keenen whose “bed side manner” and surgeon skills are both a 5 star rating out of 5. Still can’t believe the difference before and after this surgery.

March 3, 2017-

My initial consultation with Dr. Keenen was very informative and pleasant. After meeting Dr. Keenen I came away feeling that his interest was to do whatever the best option was for me, making me feel very comfortable with him. From there through post-surgery my interactions with Dr. Keenen were outstanding. Dr. Keenen and his staff always exemplified confidence and personal care. It has been two months since my surgery and I feel like a new person.

January 31, 2017-

I had been fearful of back surgery because of family history. two of my sibs and my mom have had similar issues and did not get the relief they had hoped for with other surgeons. Dr. Keenen made me feel comfortable right from the start, answered all my questions and was certainly not pushy. I am happy to report that I am pain free for the first time in many years. He gave me the best Christmas present I could hope for. I am 9 weeks post op!

December 28, 2016-

Dr. Keenen was the right choice for me. Being under 40, spine surgery scared me. I saw 3 different surgeons and Dr. Keenen was the only one who made me feel safe, knowledgeable and ready for such a big event. He took time to explain everything to me, answered every question I had and let me know that the choice I had finally come to was going to be life-changing, for the better. I had a disc replacement and fusion on L4/L5 and S1/L5. My legs were going numb, I couldn’t sit for longer than 20 minutes and no amount of Physical Therapy or injections was helping, this was my last resort. Dr. Keenen told me EXACTLY what would happen, how surgery would go, what to expect post surgery and how future life would be impacted. Everything went exactly as Dr. Keenen had discussed. I am now 4 months post surgery, have been on 5 mile hikes, play volleyball with my daughter, getting ready to water ski and will be snow skiing in 4 more months. I have my life back, I have my family back and I have never been more happy with a medical decision. Dr. Keenen gave me my life back.

April 11, 2016-

I got three different opinions before my spinal fusion surgery. I chose to “interview” Dr. Keenen based on the comments and recommendations from my physical therapists. That’s right, multiple therapists over the course of three years mentioned I should get a consultation with Dr. Keenen. I finally did, and am so happy I did. I was terrified of surgery and cried EVERY time a doc told me the same outcome. Of the four doctors (my general practitioner, a spine specialist in Eugene, one in Salem, and Dr. Keenen) he was the kindest, most patient, GENUINELY understanding and supportive. He encouraged me to get multiple opinions, was objective and very clear. His office staff run like a well oiled machine and the experience at Legacy was similar. While Legacy’s actual hospital rooms left a lot to be desired, I would still have made the same choice as from beginning to end, the care was complete, comprehensive, and compassionate. I am a middle aged mother of two young children. Spinal surgery is a big deal and I appreciated that while this is their every day, they treated me like it was the big deal it was to me.

February 12, 2016-

First, let me preface my little tale by saying that Dr. Keenen (& his wonderful staff!), gave me my life back after having neck surgery. I was diagnosed with a couple of herniated disks in my neck, however the pain was present in my shoulder/back & left arm. My first experience with Dr. Keenen was through a phone conversation, approximately 1 hr. after he received my MRI results. Amazing! He suggested that I get an injection to see if that took care of the problem, and it did. In a follow-up appointment, he told me that there was a strong possibility that the pain might return, and sure enough……6 months later, it did. I immediately went to see Dr. Keenen again, and next up was surgery. The moment I woke up after surgery, the pain was gone. Poof. Bye-Bye. Sayonara! I had spent almost 5 months of 2014 not being able to do much of anything. I couldn’t sit at the computer for more than 5 minutes…..drying my hair hurt….standing hurt….opening mail was a chore! But immediately after the surgery, it was all a thing of the past, and here I am……4 months post-op, and I feel like a new person. The difference is like night & day! Between Dr. Keenen’s incredible bedside manner, and his expertise, my experience has shown that you’re in GREAT hands with Dr. Keenen!

– Patty C.
May 28th, 2015 –

Dr Keenan performed an L4-5 fusion on me 9 months ago. I could not be happier with the results. Dr Keenan and his staff have been an excellent resource throughout the whole process.

May 25th, 2015 –

Dr. Keenen has done 4 spine surgeries on me with great results, I could not have asked for anyone any better.. He has made my life much easier.. Thank you Dr. Keenen

– Theresa Bryce
Apr 15th, 2015 –

My story started with a fall I had at work and within an hour, I started having intense pain on the left side of my neck. I have had some previous flair-ups with neck pain in the past, but this was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I believe most of this pain came from a constant nasty muscle spasm in the upper left trapezius muscle that developed soon after the fall. This pain was constant and would radiate down through to my left arm. This pain was so severe I was unable to work and I could barely sleep. I had to take pain and muscle relaxant medication on a regular basis trying to cope. Because this was a work related injury I was not allowed to pursue medical treatment in the manor I would have liked to. I was treated with conservative measures for almost 9 months to no avail. This period of time was absolute torment for me. With the help of Dr. Keenen, I eventually was able to get approval from my insurance carrier to see a surgeon. So, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Keenen. During this appointment, I did not feel rushed, he took the time necessary with me to carefully note my symptoms and reviewed my MRI scans with me. He came up with a treatment plan and it would include having cervical anterior fusion surgery at C5-C6. Needless to say, I had a lot of anxiety over having this kind of procedure done to me. However, it was clear that it had to be done. I scheduled my surgery on 4/17/14. Upon regaining consciousness from the anesthesia, I could immediately tell I had been liberated from that horrible pain. The surgical site was quite sore for a couple of days but easily handled in comparison to the pre-surgery pain. I was able to return to work on 6-12-14. I finally had my life back! The followup care his staff provided was superb. Dr. Keenen, his assistants and their outstanding skill is a team you can trust.

– Rick L S
Apr 9th, 2015 –

I wouldn’t go off of me for surgery purposes thus far, I have had two appointments with Dr. Keenan [at Pacific Spine Specialists]and now I’m going to have to get surgery, FINALLY!…(it’s been a year since I had the L5, S1 diagnosis [fractured vertebrae protruding disc] from another doctor and have gone through multiple amounts of things to try and fix the issue, along with a settlement through work and got screwed out of the job due to it, anyways, Dr. Keenan is the doctor I started seeing after I went through all that and so now I’m going to him in hopes I wouldn’t have to have surgery, but I am and really it was inevitable when I met him the first time) Dr. Keenan and his staff are absolutely WONDERFUL! I will be going through surgery soon, so I will give another review then, but right now I’m just waiting on my insurance to be approved and I’ll go from there. They have a great staff, he’s very personable and he doesn’t make you feel like you’re an idiot and he speaks at a level anyone PHD or not can understand. I would suggest him to anyone and hope he has many long years practicing to come.

– Shelbey B.
Mar 22nd, 2015 –

I have suffered severe back pain for 7 years. I had unsuccessful surgery in Salem in 2010 and never experienced significant relief. I had seen a number of doctors, and until I got an appointment with Dr. Keenen last summer, no one had a solution. In August, 2014 Dr. Keenen performed a spinal fusion , which corrected the previous surgery on S1 -L5, and he also fused L4. My pain level had steadily increased to where it was consistently between 9 and 10. And now six months later, my pain level is between 0 and 1. I am so grateful to Dr. Keenen for his surgical skill, and the way way he and his entire staff treated me and my family throughout this entire process. Before leaving the hospital my wife and I were fully informed about post-operative care. We were given the number of the nurses’ station at the hopsital and told to call any time day or night if we had a problem. We also were told to call his office and ask to speak to one of Dr. Keenen’s physician assistants if we had questions or needed help with anything. We did call a number of times for various reasons, and his PA’s were always kind, always helpful, tremendously knowledgeable and patient. Major back surgery is difficult, and based on my own experience, I can testify that it’s not always successful. Because of Dr. Keenen’s great skill, I am now walking 3 to 4 miles a day. I have joined a gym and I’m taking Gentle Yoga and Fit & Silver exercise classes. My wife and I can travel again. I can enjoy sitting through dinner and a movie, and I can even do some yardwork again. I am more grateful than words can express. Thank you, Dr. Keenen!

– Dr. Alex A Sanchez
Feb 20th, 2015 –

He gave me my life back. I was very debilitated. I have a future again!

-Susan P. Moen
Jan 16th, 2015 –

I had fusion surgery in February 2014 and, for the first time in over three years, I have no back or sciatic pain. My experience with Dr. Keenen has been a truly positive, life changing experience. I went on vacation three months after my surgery and I was able to hike, bike and just enjoy my favorite physical activities that had been impossible for me in past years. I actually sent Dr. Keenen a thank you card from Mesa Verde NP in Colorado after I was able to hike over a mile down to Pueblo cave dwellings and then make the return hike up a very steep grade. YeeHaw! Life is, once again, fun and pain free.

-Patricia L
Oct 9th, 2014 –

Chronic pain going to losing use of my left hand. Dr Keenen and his crew quickly found the problem and although there appeared to be multiple problems, Dr. Keenen focused in on what he thought should be done and the outcome has been spectacular. Dr Keenen, and all of the people with him at Pacific Spine Specialists were professional without being cold. They explained each step of the process. Although not look for it any time soon, I would first go to Dr Keenen for any similar problems.

-David Tod Sigafoos
Oct 5th, 2014 –

I was referred to Doctor Keenen for diagnosis and treatment for a painful and life restricting neck and arm condition. He correctly diagnosed my condition and recommended anterior spinal fusion surgery, after other non-surgerical treatments proved non-effective. Doctor Keenen educated me on my condition and on what the surgery and recovery would entail. My surgery was completely successful and I have been able to return to an active and pain free life. Doctor Keenen and his entire staff were very professional and took an interest in me and my care from the very first visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Keenen and his staff to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, competent and trustworthy team.

-John F
Sep 25th, 2014 –

I generally don’t take the time to post reviews like this, however, I felt compelled to do so as I had read so many negative posts about spinal fusions. I had suffered a herniated disc four years ago while attempting to lift a heavy object. Two years later I had my first surgery, laminectomy at L5-S1, which wasn’t successful. After four years of significant pain, one failed surgery, and four years on pain medications, my pain doctor referred me to Dr. Keened for a spine stimulator implant. I’m 45 years old and really didn’t want to live the rest of my life with a device that runs off batteries implanted in my spine but I was out of options and simply couldn’t tolerate the constant severe pain any longer. I was scheduled for the implant and sent to Dr. Keened seven days before surgery to complete my pre-op visit. At this appointment, my first with Dr. Keenen, he discussed the option of a spinal fusion, which no other provider had discussed with me. I felt confident he was providing me with options and frankly, he seemed confident that the spinal fusion was a much better option for me. I had the spinal fusion surgery two weeks later and want to share my joy. I had INSTANT pain relief. I had been on pain medication for four years and after two days of surgery, I’m completely pain medication free. I’m currently three weeks post-op and have remained pain free. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very sore and stiff, but nothing that needs pain medication. I feel like a new woman already. I was able to return to my desk job 13 days after surgery as I’m able to walk around and stand when needed. I haven’t felt this good in almost four years. Thank you Dr. Keenen for giving me my life back and I look forward to continued progression and look forward to returning back to the activities that I have missed out on since my injury as I believe I will finally have a full recovery.

– Una Wiley
Sep 17th, 2014 –

Dr. Keenan and staff were very professional. I was not wanting back surgery. I had heard so many bad things about it. He gave me all the info about my surgery I needed. I couldn’t stand the pain any more. He did the surgery. ( Lumber spinal fusion ) . Two weeks later I was back on my tread mill. Slow , but was doing it. Into my surgery 8 months and pain free. He gave me my life back..

– Mandy
Aug 31st, 2014 –

I received top notch care from Dr. Keenen and his entire staff. They were efficient, friendly, compassionate, and professional. They answered my phone calls and requests in a timely manner. They handled all paperwork and work notes timely. From beginning to end, I knew what to expect and was put at ease. Dr. Keenen gave me my life back! I can’t thank him and his incredible staff enough!! The surgery center was fabulous. I highly recommend his care. Thank you so much Dr. Keenen and staff!!!

– Pamela L
Aug 2nd, 2014 –

Dr. Keenen is very competent and knowledgeable about my condition and explained the expected outcome very clearly. He made me feel very comfortable about his skill and ability to do my surgery. I had an uneventful outcome and was off the pain meds three days after the surgery on my neck. I appreciated the precautions and “clean hands” techniques all the staff, including the mds took at Meridian Park Hospital. I have had two surgeries at Meridian Park Hospital and have been pleased with the outcome of each and impressed with the expertise of the medical staff and care by the nursing staff. I cannot speak more highly of this group of professionals.

– Patricia Kosinski
Jul 31st, 2014 –

I was referred to Dr. Keenan’s office after I had a MRI. I couldn’t walk or sit, I was in so much pain. I had a ruptured disc that was impinging on my nerve. He knew immediately what needed to be done. He went over surgery options and recommended the fusion. Due to my condition he got me right in for surgery. After surgery I knew immediately he fixed me! I recently went to Hawaii and was able to walk all day without pain. I am back to my normal life but I’m able to do so much more now. I recommend Dr. Keenan and his staff to everyone I can. I feel like I have a brand new back!!

May 20th, 2014 –

I suffered a herniated disc in Nov/13 in the L3/L4 area compressing the nerve to my right leg. Had severe pain for several months. It took 5 months to finally worked my way through insurance steps, Dr. appointments, Physical Therapy, none of which helped. Physical Therapy was a big mistake. After months of effort and no improvement, I was approved for an MRI which showed the herniation, I decided to pursue a surgical fix. I initially tried finding a Surgeon in my local area. Appointments were 6 weeks out, no one was concerned, pain was beyond tolerance and I couldn’t even get in to see a surgeon for 6 weeks? I really wasn’t impressed with the various doctors I contacted. Found Dr. Keenan (thru Vitals) and noticed the outstanding reviews and years of experience. I called their office and was scheduled for a visit with in the week. The office staff, my PA ( Darin), the surgical center and Dr. Keenan were all Top Notch. They got me in immediately and with in a few days I understood exactly what was wrong with me. They go beyond 4 stars for a rating. I went into surgery a little nervous as it was my spine! When I woke up I was completely cured, other than the incision. It is hard to explain with words how grateful I am. I couldn’t image a Doctors office doing a better job from beginning to end. The recovery nurse after the Op was great.

– Jim Tyrrell
May 3rd, 2014 –

I had gone to four other doctors who gave me various opinions. A CT tech I know referred me to Dr. Keenan. He was easy to talk to, told me exactly what he would do and what the results would be. Entire experience, including all of the ancillary staff, was perfect. The result was a total success. I highly recommend Dr. Keenan

– Stacey Dean, MD
Apr 6th, 2014 –

As the result of a car wreck my L4-5 was fused and screwed by a Portland doc. A year later I returned to him, still in pain, to see if a second operation would be helpful. After tests he concluded NO and that no pills would help either. I went into depression as the pain prevented me from standing. Three years later I met Dr. Keenen from a referring patient. He diagnosed that the first fusion has failed and that one of the screws had backed out and the nerve was wrapped such that he would have to “cut and hook it” to pull it out of the way when he removed the existing screws. He fused and pinned (screwed?) L4 to L5 to S1. AND I AM PAIN FREE AFTER FOUR YEARS OF BEDRIDDEN ISOLATION! My terrible top of the foot pain was gone when I woke up from surgery. And had not returned ever. At first when I went to pick something up from the floor I automatically grimaced in anticipation of the pain that had been hitting me everyday for 4 years – but there was none. I glided down to pick whatever it is up. No pain anywhere in the process. It has been about a year and I play tennis on every sunny day. I’m 68 years whatever. I owe getting my Life back (pun allowed) to Dr. Keenen. Period. I know that my first surgeon did his best. And I was impressed that he didn’t just take the money for the second surgery. But his lack of acumen, compared to Dr. Kennen, did not just cause me to accept a life of pain, but it also took my Spirit for the future. He was my 11th doctor, my 6th neurosurgeon. I accepted his word as final. Fate/Fortune/Faith lead me to Dr. Keenen. The Same has lead you to this page. YES, this guy’s now on my Christmas list!

–┬áR. Covington Vego
Mar 26th, 2014 –

I had an L3-L4 fusion in which the herniated disc was removed and replaced with a man made disc. I’m glad the disc is not pushing into my spinal canal now and my lower back does not hurt. The doctor did a good job and the physician’s assistants were wonderful after the surgery, helping me through every phase of healing.

– Cynthia
Mar 7th, 2014 –

Dr. Keenen was recommended to me by my PC physician. Dr. Keenen was thorough in his diagnosis of my back pain and clearly explained my options. He did not rush me into surgery, explaining that I would know when I wanted/needed it. He was right and when the time came for the surgery, I was given an appointment quickly with surgery following about a month later. Dr. Keenen, took the time to explain the surgical procedure, and how long my recovery would take. He was patient in answering ALL my questions. Dr. Keenen follows up personally with all his patients after surgery. My surgery went well and I am pain free! He is a great surgeon with wonderful bed-side manner. I recommend him to all my friends!

– Char
Jan 26th, 2014 –

Dr. Keenen was recommended to me by another lady who had had the same surgery that I was facing. After asking her a ton of questions, I went to his office armed with questions and MRI pictures and “questions to ask your doctor”. Dr. Keenen spent a lot of time with me answering every question. I asked him to show me his models of the spine with the actual rods and screws so I could see what I was going to have placed on my spine to stabilize it. He also gave me prints of my x-rays each time I visited his office. Pain control was excellent and all after surgery treatment was great. I would definitely recommend him and already have sent one friend to see him. My surgery was a success and I have been able to resume my pre surgery activities.

– Cris R
Sep 16th, 2013 –

Dr. Keenen is a kind and caring man. I never realized how badly my back hurt until after he repaired it. I can now play sports with my kids, exercise and enjoy life pain free. He didn’t give me a magic pill, we worked as a team. He coached, I listened and did the work.

– Amber S
Sep 16th, 2013 –

I recommend Dr. Timothy Keenen , Orthopedic Surgeon, to all my friends with back pain. I also took some business cards and pass out to them. He is a very good at his profession, and made me very comfortable while explaining the procedure to me. I have no pain………… I can walk anywhere , for any length of time and have no pain….

– Janith Hanson
Jul 15th, 2013 –

Dr. Keenen’s staff is prompt and courteous. Dr. Keenen spent spent a lot of time with me discussing the diagnosis and proposed surgery. Postoperative care has been excellent.

– Peter W. Smiley, MD
Jul 10th, 2013 –

At this time (2 1/2 months since surgery), I am mostly pleased with the results of my spinal surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Keenen to others.

– Carol T
Jul 1st, 2013 –

It’s not hard where to start beginning with an after hours phone call from Dr. Keenen who had just reviewed my MRI and knew that I was in considerable discomfort. He was able to get me in for a consultation within 48 hours and when I saw him, he was ready to do the procedure for a lower lumbar injury that same day. I needed the weekend to wrap my mind around that, but in retrospect I really didn’t need to. Nonetheless he told me that if ANYTHING worsened during the weekend that I go straight to emergency and have him paged. Now THAT is Professional Care at its finest. I was in and out the same day early next week and back home before lunchtime. This is the second procedure that I have had done from Pacific Spine and Dr. Keenen and I would highly recommend him to not only Family, but friends and coworkers or anybody for that matter. By the way, the first and second procedures were 7 years apart and had nothing to do with one another, but the second go around was the fastest way to recovery then I could have ever expected. I could go on and on, but I hope you get my point. If you are suffering like I was, don’t waste another minute based on my outstanding experiences with Dr. Keenen, his team and the whole group at Pacific Spine. Thank you to everyone there. Sincerely, Kip Fritchman

– Kim Fritchman
Jun 12th, 2013 –

Dr.Keenen was so kind and straightforward and confident that I felt from the first visit that I had come to the right place. He said “I can fix that” and I believed him, and he did fix it!!

– Dianne S
Jun 12th, 2013 –

Dr. Keenen provides excellent care and explains what is going on and what options you have to improve your issue. I never felt rushed and felt like he cared about how you are feeling. I would recommend Dr. Keenen to everyone. His office environment, staff and care are excellent!

– Jill Wolff
May 21st, 2013 –

Dr. Keenen successfully performed two spinal fusions for me in December. I was overwhelmed by the personal touch he took in my care management. He personally went to bat with the insurance company to speed the process, due to the severity of my condition. I am pain free and would highly recommend Dr. Keenen.

– Julia S
May 8th, 2013 –

Doctor Keenen has performed surgery in my wife, my son, and my self. I trust him completely with the welfare of my family. He is one of the kindest and compassionate doctors I’ve ever met. If you need back surgery and want to be treated well………..Then Doctor Keenen is the person to see!!!

– Jeffrey Durbin
Apr 23rd, 2013 –

I have seen Dr. Keenen multiple times for assessment of scoliosis. Dr. Keenen has a wealth of experience in treating patients with various spine conditions. He is knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone. He did a great job of explaining my condition and educating me on various treatment options. He made an effort to understand my personal situation with scoliosis and how it affected my life. Finally, he allowed my to make an educated choice on my healthcare and supported my decisions.

– T. F.
Apr 22nd, 2013 –

I have had 2 successful back surgeries by Dr. Keenen. Lower back in 1992..what relief. I was nearly out of my mind with pain..he was my hero. In 2008 I went back to him for cervical surgery. Pain in the neck gone and he was once again my hero. I would only say that you should listen carefully to his post-surgery instructions, he’s just not whistling Dixie to hear himself talk..listen and follow his directions.

– Katy O
Jun 7th, 2010 –

I saw several Doctors before Keenen. I don’t believe there is anyone better.

– KC
Nov 4th, 2008 –