Laser Spine Surgery: What You Need To Know

You may have seen marketing campaigns surrounding the use of lasers in spine surgery. Although laser spine surgery may sound like a less invasive new technology, the use of lasers in spine surgery has a very limited use in current day spine surgery. The term ‘laser’ is more of a marketing term today than a tool used in minimally invasive surgery.

Read about findings and studies involving laser spine surgery from the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons

When Are Lasers Useful?

Laser surgery has been around since 1973, but has gained popularity in recent years. When it comes to certain surgeries, such as surgery on the eye to remove a cataract, lasers can be a useful tool. However, in spine surgery, lasers have very limited use and application. Although lasers can be used in spine surgery to cut soft tissue, they really don’t make minimal surgery less invasive. Lasers cannot be used to cut bone. Therefore, lasers are not an asset in certain spine surgeries where bone needs to be removed.

So Why Are Lasers Used?

The most recent advances in spine surgery do not involve lasers. If you are considering ‘laser spine surgery’ be sure to ask questions to determine exactly how much of the procedure is being performed with a laser.

Does Pacific Spine Specialists Offer Laser Spine Surgery?

Dr. Keenen at Pacific Spine Specialists does not use a laser to perform spine surgery. Minimally invasive spine surgery techniques have moved past the use of lasers, as mirco discectomy for the treatment of a herniated disc, and micro decompression for spinal stenosis, have proven to be highly effective procedures. For this reason, very few spine surgeons regard laser spine surgery as a viable alternative to conventional spine surgery techniques.

Dr. Keenen stays up to date on trends and advancements in spine surgery and offers the most effective, minimally invasive treatment options to his patients. Although his treatment options do not include the use of lasers, he offers minimally invasive procedures that have proven success rates. To learn more about conditions that Pacific Spine Specialists treat, click here. For more information on surgeries performed by spine expert Dr. Keenen, click here.

Learn More About Pacific Spine Specialists

When you chose to work with Pacific Spine Specialists, you will never be mislead by marketing tactics or gimmicks. Dr. Keenen will expertly diagnose, treat, and eliminate your symptoms using non invasive measures when possible, and surgeries when warranted. If laser spine surgery has been recommended to you, contact Pacific Spine Specialists today for a free MRI review.