Dr. Timothy Keenen

Dr. Timothy Keenen moves forward the Next-Generation, Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) Techniques

dr. timothy keenenDr. Timothy Keenen is an board certified fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon treating neck and low back conditions. Dr. Timothy Keenen is a highly experienced surgeon with minimally invasive spine procedures, motion preservation surgeries (cervical and lumbar artificial discs), micro discectomy, cervical fusion, and lumbar fusion at Pacific Spine Specialists. After 20 years’ experience as a deformity surgeon, performing thousands of simple to highly complex spine surgeries, along with teaching 8 years on the faculty at Oregon Health Sciences University, he is committed to ensuring patients receive the proper diagnosis and the most effective surgery to achieve optimal function and pain relief.

He performs spine surgery at both Providence and Legacy Hospitals, and is proud to have successfully implemented the first JCAH-certified spine center in Oregon.

After studying with national experts, the advanced technique he now uses and teaches brings maximal protection and preservation of the essential supporting multifidus muscle of the lumbar spine. Applying these innovative techniques that have advanced MIS, and using state-of-the-art spine instrumentation, he is now able to perform these surgeries through one small incision with minimal soft tissue injury. As a result, patients are experiencing success with shorter and easier recovery times after fusions, discectomies, or decompressions.