The Importance of Pre-Habilitation

If you’ve scheduled your spine surgery, you are likely anxious and unsure of what to expect. You are probably wondering how long it will take you to recover and what exactly is involved in the recovery process. If this is how you’re feeling and you’d like to increase your chances of a healthy recovery, pre-rehabilitation can do wonders for you.

Pre-habilitation is defined as the educational and physical preparation that is intended to improve recovery following a surgery. If you have an upcoming surgery, pre-habilitation can help you mentally prepare for your procedure, reduce any inflammation or pain, restore your range of motion, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Benefits of Pre-Habilitation

Research has proven that patients who participate in pre-habilitation are able to return to their day to day activities and sports quicker and easier than those who do not. In addition, they experience less pain and have fewer complications during the surgery. By making pre-rehab a priority, you’ll become stronger and more flexible so that your body is stronger and more flexible when it’s time for you to recover from your operation.

What Does Pre-Habilitation Entail?

If your doctor has recommend a pre-habilitation program and you choose to participate in it, you can expect to engage in an exercise routine which will likely begin with a warm up such as stretching or light jogging. After the warm up, you will move on to some cardio like running or sprinting, strength training with weights and resistance bands, and flexibility exercises like yoga. You may also practice functional tasks like going up and down the stairs or sitting down and standing up. Additionally, you may familiarize yourself with how to use a walker, crutches, and other walking aids.

In addition to the exercise aspect of pre-rehabilitation, there is an education component which will inform you of what to expect after your surgery. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of when you can return to work and participate in certain activities like walking and driving. Pre-rehab education will give you the opportunity to set realistic goals and plan for your life post-surgery.

Call Pacific Spine Specialists for a Custom Pre-Habilitation Plan

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